Reading Workshop

This year the fourth graders at Elon Park are participating in a structured reading program called Reading Workshop. Reading Workshop is designed to give your children opportunities to read books that they choose that are within their reading level. Not only does this provide an opportunity for the children to choose books that they are interested in reading, but it also promotes a community of readers in the classroom.

Each day, the teacher leads a whole group mini-lesson on a particular reading skill. That skill is modeled through the use of a teacher read-aloud. This read aloud includes fiction novels, informational texts, poetry, print media and/or picture books. Through these texts, all children are exposed to challenging vocabulary, rich content, and fluent reading. The children are then given the opportunity to practice and apply the same skill that was taught while reading their own novels in class. While the students independently read, the teacher conferences with individual students to differentiate reading instruction for each child in her class.

The Reading Response Journal becomes a critical tool during Reading Workshop. The students demonstrate their understanding of the reading skill through a daily written activity.

Students will also continue to practice reading strategies and skills during a time each day (except on Thursdays) called Soaring Eagles. Students will read fiction and nonfiction texts during this time and investigate a variety of topics.

At Home:

Students will read for 30 minutes each night and should continue reading in the same book that they have been reading at school. Students will be given two Reading Response Prompts on Thursdays along with their weekly spelling words which are based on Greek or Latin Root Words. Students will respond on two pieces of notebook paper to the two prompts by the following Wednesday. I will collect their Reading Response written assignments each Wednesday.

If you have specific questions about Reading Workshop, please contact me.