Classroom Expectations
1. Follow all directions PROMPTLY!

2. Act and speak respectfully to others.

3. Stay on task and in your assigned area at all times.

4. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.

5. Remain quiet and only talk at the appropriate times.

Classroom Consequences:
  1. A verbal reminder will be given to the student to remind him/her to adhere to the rules.
  2. The student, teacher and parents will communicate through the use of a Refocus Form:
· The teacher will indicate that an expectation was not met by writing “Refocus Form” in the student’s agenda
· The student will fill out the Refocus Form to explain the inappropriate behavior
· The parent will sign and return the form to the classroom teacher
  1. The teacher will call or email the parents as needed.
  2. The teacher will schedule a conference with the parents as needed.