Accelerated Reader logo:
Accelerated Reader logo:
Accelerated Reader is an individualized reading program that allows each student to excel at his/her own pace and ability level and is designed to increase reading comprehension. The goal at Elon Park Elementary School is to encourage the love of reading by providing students with multiple opportunities to practice reading so that they become life-long readers and learners.
How the process works:
  • Students take the STAR Reading Diagnostic Test to determine their individual reading range. Throughout the year, this diagnostic test is given several times to update students' reading ranges.
  • Each quarter, teachers set individual point goals for all students using the students' individual reading ranges as a basis.
  • Students select a book within their reading range to read.
  • Students take the Reading Practice quiz for that book on a computer at school and answer literal comprehension questions about the book. Students are not allowed to look in the book for answers or take a quiz at home.
  • Based on the number of questions answered correctly, students earn points and receive a score which is added into their average percent correct.
  • Every student is striving to meet their individual goal by reaching their point goal with an accuracy rate of 85 percent or higher.

How parents can help:
  • Make sure your child reads every day and sign his/her reading log (if the teacher uses one).
  • Provide opportunities for your child to select books in his/her reading range from both the Elon Park Elementary library media center and the Public Library.
  • Encourage your child to take quizzes on AR books on a regular basis.
  • Help your child pace himself/herself toward meeting his/her AR goal for the quarter.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to meet the goal, your child must meet two criteria: have an average percent correct on quizzes of 85 or higher AND obtain the number of points required by his/her goal.
  • Monitor your child's progress using Renaissance Home Connect and discuss the progress with your child.

AR BookFinder logo:
AR BookFinder logo:

AR BookFinder [[|[[|]]]]
Parents, students, and teachers can use the AR BookFinder website to determine if a certain book has a quiz available. You can search by title, author, or subject to find a list of available Accelerated Reader quizzes. Once you have located a book, you can find out the book level (BL), the points (PTS), the interest level (IL), other students' ratings, and a brief description of the book. The AR Book Bag feature allows you to create a list of titles your child is interested in reading. You can print the AR Book Bag and bring the list to the Library Media Center, the local Public Library, or a bookstore. Remember to also check our Online Catalog to see if we have the book in the Elon Park Elementary Library Media Center.

Renaissance Home Connect logo:
Renaissance Home Connect logo:

Renaissance Home Connect [[|[[]]]]
Home Connect allows you to track your child's progress toward meeting their quarterly goal. Accessing these online results promotes discussion between parents and their children which motivates students and can make reading practice even more effective. Parents use the child's username and password to login. Parents can sign up to receive an email after your child takes a quiz during the school day (you can enter up to 6 email addresses). Parents and students can see the average percent correct (needs to be 85 % or higher), how many points have been earned, the average book level being read, the number of quizzes passed/taken, the total of words read, and the results for the last quiz taken. Click on View My Bookshelf to look at all the previous books on which quizzes have been taken by your child. Home Connect also contains a link to AR BookFinder so you can search to see if a particular book has a quiz available and is in your child's reading range.